Daily Anticipation

Today’s Scripture is Psalm 24:1 (NIV), 

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it the world, and all who live in it;

Today’s blog post is by Monica Hidalgo, Director of Traditional Worship,

Psalm 24 is a psalm of anticipation. David, the shepherd king, is anticipating the arrival of the LORD.

During the last few weeks I have really had a chance to reflect; to inspect and challenge myself in so many ways often anticipating an “experience” through my stretching. What have you experienced? What has really been challenging? What have you failed at? What have you conquered?

One of my successes has been the ability to really see people. Not just the poor and the needy – the list goes on. Not them,  but him and her… to see the individual; their story, who they are and that they belong to God just as much as I do.

God can show up in your life today in an unexpected way. Will you recognize Him? Or like the busy people of Jerusalem, will that moment pass you by? Will we be too caught up in the day to day stuff? Will we be too distracted by social media to recognize the Holy Spirit?

This one verse is such a huge reminder that we all belong to the Kingdom. Let’s take our attention off the mundane things of this world and focus the eyes of our hearts on the Lord. Seek Him daily. The King of glory may be passing by today.

My prayer: Come, Lord Jesus, come. I open my eyes, my heart and my mind to you. I want to see you at work in my daily circumstances (all of them :/).  Help me to anticipate you appearing in my life today. Grant me a pure heart so I can recognize you. Amen.