Thanks to our Blog Writers!

As we come to the end of our 2017 40-day Summer Stretch Blog, let us say, “Thank You!” to all of our blog contributors…

Rita Bewry

Peter Borsella

Hazel Campbell

Patrick Chin

Lisa Gonzales

Monica Hidalgo

Annje Hutchinson

Chris Linderman

Michelle Morse

Michelle Musselman

Monique Myers

Will Newton

Bernie Peterman

Lisa Primavera

Vance Rains

Olivia Reynolds

Steve Rivera

Rhonda Said

If you missed reading any of the blogs, or would like to reread or share one with someone, they will continue to be available for the next several months.

Each of these writers have shared their stories, their spiritual insights, their spiritual journeys and their hearts with us.  Some have made us laugh.  Some have made us think.  Some have made us cry. All, in their way, have helped us to get to know the writers better – and perhaps, ourselves.   All, in their way, have revealed insights in Scripture.  All, in their way, have pointed to Jesus, and who Jesus wants to be for each of us.

In the comment section below, please express your thanks!

11 thoughts on “Thanks to our Blog Writers!

  1. This has been a strengthening walk with the body of Christ….a constant reminder that every grumbling moment is an opportunity to stretch and hearing from the blog contributors made it so much more encouraging knowing that the challenges I was facing, I was not alone but I had company as I challenged myself to do better and be a better christlike individual….Thank you all


  2. Thank you all so much for sharing your personal stories and insights. I know that without your willingness to open your hearts and souls to us, the Summer Stretch would not have had the tremendous impact it did on my faith and life journey! Nor would it have had as many moments of laughter and tears. Well done!!


  3. Thanks for the thanks! It was a blessing to contribute. Sorry but I will not be going tonight. I have had a terrible stiff neck and backache and headache all day. Working too hard. Btw, our name is spelled MORSE. I think your spell check changed it to Morris. It happens a lot. Please pray for our son. He is getting ready to spend 5 months in training for his deployment. And for his wife, Marisol,  as she will be left on her own for over a year. Good sermon this morning, and great final blog, too. See you soon!


  4. My thanks to each of the writers. You have surely touched the lives and hearts of many. I appreciate each of you taking the time
    And effort to share, to love and to teach. This has been a great 40 days and as Vance has said it is
    Not the end…it is the beginning!!

    Thanks Again
    Mike Bierman


  5. Thanks everyone for all the prayer, time, thoughtfulness, and effort you put into helping us all stretch and grow during this time! You are all greatly appreciated!

    Sent from my iPhone



  6. Thank you all for your extraordinary entries of Scripture, personal experiences, examples of faith, and more! I always looked forward to reading the daily blog, which helped me to learn more about the authors and enabled me to be encouraged by what you wrote. God bless you.


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