Not Ashamed…

Today’s blog post is by Chris Linderman, Director of Youth Ministry, 

One game that our high school students love playing is Ultimate Frisbee.  The game is a mix between soccer and football, but with a Frisbee. You have students that are fully in the game. They are jumping for passes. They are attempting to throw and catch even when they don’t feel confident in their abilities. Then you have others that just stand in the end zone and not really do anything.

In Student Ministry, I typically see two types of students—a participant & an observant. The participant student is engaged in what the student ministry is doing, even if it’s not something they feel comfortable with or enjoy. The participant is typically the student that understands that they have a role in the ministry and takes the initiative in fulfilling that role.

The observant student is the one that enjoys being on the team, but sits on the sidelines and never really wants to play. They just want to watch. The observant either doesn’t really want to fully invest in to it or they don’t think they fit in or have anything to offer to the rest of the team.

I believe that we have all played the observant role at some point in our faith journey, where we would rather watch what is happening in the church, rather than being a participant in what is happening in the church. It’s easy to sit and watch. It’s safe. It’s comfortable. We can’t fail if we don’t try. We don’t feel “spiritual” enough or knowledgeable enough to speak to someone about the love of Christ, so we stay silent.

Paul, in Romans 1:16-17, is making this statement “I am not ashamed of the Gospel,” because he knows the importance of this message—Salvation is here for EVERYONE for the Jews and the Gentiles. Everyone that he encounters needs to hear it, see it, and experience it. The Gospel is GOOD NEWS and we can’t be ashamed of it. We have to be bold in our faith. We can’t just observe. We MUST be participants in this Gospel mission!

Our mission as a student ministry at First Church is to “Be the Gospel to Those That Need the Gospel.” We have a mission as followers! It’s time to play in the game and not just be on the team.

A few questions to reflect on…

  • Where is God calling me to step out in faith and participate?
  • Who around me, whether at work or home, needs to hear the Good News of Christ?
  • How can you serve in your church?


3 thoughts on “Not Ashamed…

  1. A great analogy Chris.

    Often times I use to be on the side line; however, my faith grows much better when I started to be apart of the game physically.


  2. I thought about this, and realized that for generations in our family, the women have been the participants in spiritual matters, and the men, while believers, were just kind of along for the ride. Let me tell today’s youth unequivocally that every woman would prefer a husband who would be at least participating equally with her, and ideally that he would take spiritual leadership in their home so that prayer, church attendance, Bible study, and service become happy family activities about which there is no contention.


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