Unfair & Square

Today’s Scripture is Luke 6:27-28,

“But I say to you that listen, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.”

Today’s blog post is by Olivia Reynolds, Summer Ministry Intern…

I’m a big sister, so I’ve developed a finely-tuned sense of what is and isn’t fair. Since I was the oldest, my parents usually made me wait until I’d reached a certain milestone before I got something I really wanted. For example, I couldn’t get a cell phone until I turned thirteen, even though I whined that all my friends already had phones and couldn’t I pleeeeease just have one?

I eventually received my long-awaited Motorola Razr, but I was horrified when my sister and brother (two and four years younger than me, respectively) got their own phones soon after. They didn’t have to wait like I did.  I whined again.  It just wasn’t faaaaaaair.

Sometimes the life Jesus calls us to live isn’t fair, either. Jesus’ original audience was used to Old Testament law and the retributive “eye for an eye” approach to justice. It must have seemed strange when this revolutionary rabbi told his disciples to show mercy and generosity even to their enemies. Jesus asks us to give our time, our money, and our love without expecting to be repaid.

The goal of the Christian life isn’t to get what we deserve. In fact, we’ve already received incredible grace, way beyond what we deserve! When I find myself being cynical or critical or just plain grouchy because life seems unfair, I have to be reminded that I don’t need to settle the score. God’s love for me far outweighs my complaints.

Spiritual growth isn’t about the things I achieve or the benefits that I store up for myself. It’s about becoming more like Jesus, so that the rest of the world sees grace and goodness.

Today, I’ll pray that when we’re faced with tough circumstances or difficult people, God reminds us that we’re called to a higher standard. I’ll ask that He gives us peace and strength to look beyond what’s “fair” and do what’s right.

One thought on “Unfair & Square

  1. I’m a big sister, too, Olivia. It seemed to my sister that I was allowed to do things she was forbidden because I was older. It seemed to me that Mom allowed her to get into my stuff while I was at school and gave her breaks because she was the baby. Life isn’t fair…look at the parable of the workers….but isn’t it wonderful that we all have the same redeeming love and can equally share the glory of heaven?


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