Recalling Milestones…

Today’s blog post is by Lisa Primavera…

This is the view that is just outside my office door.  I am thankful for this constant reminder of God’s power, ability and His faithfulness. Each day the sun rises and the waves roll in. Everyday is different, but everyday comes.

A beautiful serene picture. But, life isn’t always so photogenic.

Too often we read about, hear about and yes even face being overwhelmed.  When work, life, commitments, responsibilities become too much, we turn to alcohol, drugs, isolation, anger, and countless other methods to make it all better – to make the hurt go away. The end result – it doesn’t go away.  But, often the depression manifests and deepens with every new obstacle, crisis or dilemma. The mourning of a loved one, stress of a job, sickness, a broken relationship – these circumstances send us into a whirlwind of feelings of inadequacy, doubt and despair.  These feelings represent unbelief.

Unbelief allows my feelings to get the best of me. Do you do that too ?  When we need God most, we turn away, fighting to ” get over it”, “to handle it”, the result – we are thrown deeper into the throngs of frustration and depression – all unwarranted for the believer.

Psalm 77:13-15 written by David reminds us to not focus on our problems but to set our eyes upon God.

 O God! Your way is holy!
    No god is great like God!
You’re the God who makes things happen;
    you showed everyone what you can do—
You pulled your people out of the worst kind of trouble,
    rescued the children of Jacob and Joseph.

God, the one who not only created but can change the course of nature.  The one who tells the sun to rise and waves to stop and even the sea to be calm enough to be walked upon. Our circumstances are not exempt; nothing is too much for our God. It is helpful to look back on scripture to see how God has demonstrated His love for us and to those that went before us.  No circumstance was too much for God.  We see that His abilities are beyond measure, defying man’s ability over and over. Recalling personal milestones -God’s victories in our lives  – will remind us that He is in control, has always been and will always be. No matter how bad the circumstance is, God is greater.

And a walk by the sea is always good too.


2 thoughts on “Recalling Milestones…

  1. Amen Lisa! It is ironic that when we most need God we turn to ourselves for the help we need. When that does not work, our despair lands us right back on our knees and in the hands of God. Keeping the faith is not always easy, especially in times of duress, but the alternative is a dark abyss of fear and pain. I know there’s only one way out…keep looking up! 😊


    1. Lisa, this is a great reminder for me. I am that person whose first tendency is to pull myself into isolation when faced with a problem and never gave thought to my attitude as one of unbelief. Next time I am tempted to do so I will heed your advice. Thanks!


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